with their heart in the right place

Respitehouse HouseMartin is located on the edge of the Schilderswijk. It is a guesthouse for the sick who have no roof over their heads. Based on referral from the street nurse team, 5 guests can stay in our house for a short time to recover from illness or to regains strength  after hospitalization.

Almost nobody chooses for homelessness. People lose a roof over their heads, often due to a combination of factors.

Life on the street is tough and once sick, there is no bed for homeless people in The Hague to recover.

The HouseMartin Foundation cares about the fate of these homeless and provides space for them in its Respite House to recover and to strengthen.

In addition to a team of coordinators, volunteers are needed:

  • who are motivated to volunteer for the target group – without expecting anything in return;
  • who give attention where necessary and needed;
  • who like to cook or help with cooking;
  • who want to take on caring tasks (nursing is in the hands of professionals if necessary);
  • who want (eventually) to work a night shift;
  • who can commit themselves to at least 1 part of the day (4 hours) per week/per two weeks. (there is always a second person on duty).